Beware of Medicare Fraud

Beware of Medicare Fraud

Nowadays, nothing is beyond the reach of scammers, and this includes the Medicare program. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​has warned consumers against any callers who claim to be a Medicare staff and ask for personal information such as social security number and bank account number. Some older adults have reported receiving phone calls offering “free” health items or that “all seniors were getting a new Medicare card” and requested personal financial information for verification purposes.”Consumers should be careful about calling anyone who claims to be a Medicare representative,” said Kim States, president of BBB. As a general rule, Medicare do not make unsolicited calls to issue a new card, update information, or give free medical devices. You should call the seniors and call a Medicare number if you have questions about their benefits. ”

BBB warns that callers may have information from public databases that can make the call look legitimate. BBB provides these tips to protect your personal information and protect you from the Medicare scheme: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security Administration will never call to deliver a new card or update your information. Whenever you receive a call from someone, turn off quickly and contact your Medicare and Medicaid service centers. Medicare fraud usually involves some level of identity theft. Never share personal information with people whose identity is unknown.

If you do not know if a link is genuine, please turn it off and check for confirmation by contacting BBB or calling the agency. Pay attention to someone who offers you something “free” in exchange for your Medicare number. Remember that Medicare supplement plans does not pay for medical equipment without the doctor’s signature to confirm that it is necessary. Review your medical expenses, Medicare summary notes, and insurance policies that explain the benefits of medical devices or the service charges you do not charge. If you find dubious commissions, contact your doctor immediately. Transmit insurance / Medicare information only to people who have provided medical services in the past.

Maintain accurate records of medical appointments, medical devices and procedures.

Ask your doctor how much they charge and how much you have to pay in your pocket.

Never add your signature on blank Medicare insurance forms.

Make sure your doctor has Medicare approval.

Speak to the US Department of Health Office of the Inspector General on their website to submit a report on possible Medicare fraud.

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